Picursa Crushers

Machinery designed by and for the field

Picursa is a company mainly dedicated to the manufacture of shredders and brush cutters for the agricultural and forestry sectors. The experience accumulated over more than 25 years of experience has allowed us to take on the manufacture of other types of agricultural and forestry machinery, such as: straw choppers, straw and chippings spreaders, etc.

Likewise, Picursa has bet for the manufacture of machinery for public works, consolidating itself as one of the references in the manufacture of machinery in Spain.

The constant research of our technical department and the most modern technologies applied to the manufacture of our products have allowed us to continue innovating in the manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery. This innovative attitude together with the great professionalism of Picursa’s team allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers and the market.

Picursa Distributors

The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Ufkes Greentec, Kelvinlaan 80, 9207 JB Drachten,
Países Bajos
[email protected]
+31 0512 – 584 760


Allur Agro, вулиця Автомобільна, 3а, Oleksandriya, Kirovohrad
Oblast, Ucrania, 28000
[email protected]
+38 (067) 517 85 85


Emeca Lagarde S.A, 65 Avenue de Tréville
Mauléon Licharre, 64130 FRANCIA
Web: https://www.lagarde-sas.fr/ Mail: [email protected]

Tel: +33 (0) 559192010